IMPORTANT INFORMATION Regarding Covid and Umpiring Restrictions

It has come to our attention that umpires are being approached individually and on a personal basis to umpire games.

It is impossible to guarantee 6 foot (2 meter) physical distancing both at the plate and on bases during a game such as

  • foul balls
  • passed balls
  • coverage on hits to the outfield when the umpire moves inside while the fielders are moving outside, and runners are in motion.

An umpire within the province (outside the CASUA zone area) has contracted Covid while being attached to an official cohort (“a group of people banded together or treated as a group”)

It is CASUA ‘s official position that we can only supply umpires for official registered cohorts.  This means only the Ladies League. 

It is strongly advised against anyone working games outside of an assigned cohort. 

If you were to work games, you would not have registration with Softball Canada and you would have no insurance coverage in the event you became ill, or suffered other injuries on a diamond.

Only those persons who applied through CASUA and were approved to join a cohort may officiate, and only within their cohort.

If you are not in the Ladies league cohort and are asked to umpire any other games, please decline the invitation for your own personal well being.

If you have any questions please contact our president Malcolm Murray or call 403-358-2494.

Wishing you a healthy summer.

Malcolm Murray

President CASUA

For authoritative information on Covid19 please see the Government of Alberta site

As stated in the email on June 26th sent to all members of CASUA

The following information only applies to those few persons who have

volunteered to work the ladies league, here is the latest available information

regarding the Return To Play (RTP) protocol

There is a return to play protocol (RTP) in place , developed by Softball Alberta, a

sport lawyer and our provincial UIC that has been approved by Alberta Health


This RTP allows for small groups of 3-4 teams plus a minimum of umpires that are

required to form what is called a cohort of 50 participants or less.

The people in this cohort must stay as an exclusive group for the duration of

phase 2 , which I expect will be the entire summer and starting July 6.

Teams participating MUST be affiliated with softball Alberta following all

guidelines and these are the only groups for which we can supply umpires

through CASUA

We have endeavoured to contact all the associations we deal with , and have only

2 active adult cohorts, with the vague possibility of a third cohort.

Umpires have already been contacted and assigned to these 2 active cohorts

based on their location , experience level and commitment to umpire that entire

cohorts schedule , and only that cohort.

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