IMPORTANT INFORMATION Regarding Covid and Umpiring Restrictions

It has come to our attention that umpires are being approached individually and on a personal basis to umpire games.

It is impossible to guarantee 6 foot (2 meter) physical distancing both at the plate and on bases during a game such as

  • foul balls
  • passed balls
  • coverage on hits to the outfield when the umpire moves inside while the fielders are moving outside, and runners are in motion.

An umpire within the province (outside the CASUA zone area) has contracted Covid while being attached to an official cohort (“a group of people banded together or treated as a group”)

It is CASUA ‘s official position that we can only supply umpires for official registered cohorts.  This means only the Ladies League. 

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Welcome to the official website of the Central Alberta Softball Umpires Association (CASUA). If you are an umpire who is new to the Central Alberta region, or you are interested in starting your umpiring career, please contact any member of the CASUA executive listed in the Contact Us section of this website.

Our Mission Statement:

  • To foster, educate, develop and promote the officiating of amateur softball within central Alberta.
  • To produce highly qualified and skilled softball officials in central Alberta by offering instruction and mentoring in the art of umpiring, the knowledge of the rules, and the interpretation of the rules.
  • To represent youth and adult softball umpires in central Alberta at the grassroots, local, zone, provincial and national levels.

Covid19 Status – Update 6, June 29

Alberta Health Services is allowing some softball to resume under strict guidelines.

At this point the only league that will be operating is the ladies league.

Only senior umpires who have volunteered and taken training and have signed specific waivers will be working a limited number of games.

For authoritative information on Covid19 please see the Government of Alberta site

Clinic 2021

With the demise of the 2020 clinic schedule, we are looking at next year.

The main clinic in Red Deer at the Pidherney Curling Centre will take place on April 10 and 11, with rookies and people with one year of experience on the Saturday and third year and higher on the Sunday.

Do not throw out your rulebook for 2019-2020 as it will now also be valid for the 2021 season.

Annual General Meeting April, 2020

The AGM was held April 15, 2020

  • Malcolm Murray was confirmed as President (moving from vice-president) to serve out the balance of the term held by Ross Towers who has resigned.
  • Erin Fuller was elected to the vice-president’s position
  • Connie Anderson was re-elected as secretary/treasurer

The association has officially changed it’s name from Red Deer Softball Umpires Association (RDSUA) to Central Alberta Softball Umpires Association (CASUA) to more accurately reflect the makeup of our membership.

The revised policies and bylaws were amended and adopted to reflect the change in name.

Equipment Available

In need of equipment, outgrown old equipment, got replacement equipment, like to help a fellow umpire, try one of the items below

Find Used Equipment

Currently listed equipment

Donate Equipment

If you wish to donate equipment which will be given away at the upcoming clinics, then please contact myself.

Sell Equipment

If you wish to sell your used equipment, we are happy to put the information on our website. 

In order to sell equipment, please provide the following

  • Items that you have for sale
  • What you are willing to reasonably sell them for
  • Sizes, colours, etc.
  • Photos of your equipment which will really helps to sell an item.
  • Contact information
    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Address

Contact myself when you have assembled the information.

Once we have the above information then it can go onto our website, and you can deal directly with interested parties to facilitate a sale.

Your used equipment can make a difference to a new umpire.

Thank you for your consideration.

Weather Situations

Taken from our Policies document, the following is recommended

4.2 Weather and Other Issues

The safety of all participants is the prime concern of all umpires when it comes to inclement weather, temperatures, air conditions, fitness of field conditions, or other circumstances/ conditions.

4.2.1 Prior to the start of each season, associations will be reminded by the CASUA that the home team for each game has certain responsibilities as follows:

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